The bezoar goat (Capra aegagrus) belongs to the Bovidae family. It is a mountainous goat that includes a wide range of species living in a various climates, from deserts to alpine plateaus. The Bezoar or wild goat is the ancestor of a domestic goat. It got its name due to a special rigid hairball in their stomach that is called bezoar. In ancient times people believed that bezoars had lucky stones and killed the animal to get the stones, so this reduced the population of the animal. . The species were included in the USSR Red book. Since 1996 it has been included in a IUCN Red List evaluated as Vulnerable.

The areal includes Sevan Mountain range, the western slopes of Geghama Mountains (Khosrov Forest), the mountain ranges of Garni, Urts, Vardenis, Bargushat, Meghri and Noravank Canyon. Some isolated groups have been maintained in Mount Khustup, Vorotan Gorge, in the upper part of Arpa Valley. The species has completely disappeared in Pambak mountain range and Mount Aragats.
In Armenia you can meet the caucasian type of the bezoar goat.The species is preserved in “Khosrov Forest” and “Shikahogh”  state reserves, “Areviq” and “Sevan” national parks, “Zangezur” and other southern Armenian sanctuaries.