The water in Armenia is considered one of the most delicious and purest in the world. Indeed, the water here is supplied from the pure natural sources and it can be drunk straight from the tap without boiling, without fear for the health. Armenians have a special attitude to water: they honor this gift of nature, compose stories and legends about it.

Fountains are a small source of water that is very common in Armenia. They are an important part of Armenian culture. The fountains first appeared on the streets of Yerevan in the 1920s, and over time they became widespread. Why Tamanyan (Armenian architect) designed so many water spaces in Yerevan? According to the main hypothesis, during the years of the city’s reconstruction the architect walked around Yerevan every day, following the construction process and giving instructions. Many times Tamanyan has bought water from infant children walking around the streets, replenishing thirst and continuing to work. Dealing with this problem, he decided to make additions to the drinking water plan. So springs were built with fresh water. The fountain is also called “pulpulak” on local dialect, mening water source. Later the fountains spread not only in Yerevan but also in the whole region of Armenia.