One-day-tour: Hide and Wildlife Safari

One-day-tour: Hide and Wildlife Safari


The observation hide offers unique opportunity to observe Brown Bear from close quarters in its natural, undisturbed environment, while its visiting an orchard in search of food. The observations are meant to carry out during dark hours, when the animals are active. A supplementary red light is available to aid observations during dark nights. Observers are entering the hide in late evening and leaving it only after sunrise, to minimize the disturbance of wild animals.


The package also includes:

  • Transportation from village Chiva to hide location and back. The "hide" in Shatin is located in the village area and no transportation is needed
  • A meal including lunch, dinner, and breakfast during the tour with hot tea/coffee
  • One day stay in the hide
  • Accommodation in B&B
  • Equipment (binoculars and spotting scope)
  • Local guide (no communication in English)
  • Translator (with additional fee)
  • Informational flyer

The package excludes:

  • Transportation to the villages Chiva or Shatin
  • Additional accommodation
  • Other meals and beverages
  • Insurance